Vikki Chavez
Contra Costa Board of Education Area 3

About Vikki


I am a parent first. I have provided for my children and have laid a foundation for their growth and success. The fact that I have done this as a widow for the last nine years is what I am most proud of. We have not had an easy time but we have survived. My son is now in the Marine Corps serving his country in Okinawa, Japan. My daughter is at Diablo Valley College majoring in Theater Arts. I now have additional time to move forward with my life and take on new challenges.

For many years I have been a successful small business owner in Concord and now in addition to that I am a part-time faculty member at Laney College in Oakland where I teach in the Cosmetology program. I have the experience of teaching a multi-cultural diverse student population. Some students have struggled with basic math and/or English. Some students lack sufficient interpersonal skills to be successful in the work world. Ideally these skills are mastered earlier in school but that is not always possible. Some have not had the opportunity to go to school in their native country, some have struggled to learn English, some have had learning disabilities. In my classes I provide a safe place for them to succeed so they can become self-supporting members of society.

I get so much pleasure seeing students learn new skills, excel, pass the final exam and earn their license to practice cosmetology. Many students are so pleased with their success that they continue another two years to receive their AA degree.

I know that not every high school student will continue to a14225469_326375494374276_707692513221165533_n four-year college or even a two-year college. There are students who need access to another pathway for success. There is a high demand for the Career Technical Trades. Examples are Building and Construction Trades, Environment and Sustainability, Personal and Professional Services, Digital Media and Communications, Hospitality, and Transportation. Students benefit from hands-on project based learning environments. The classes are taught by top instructors in a real-world environment. To be successful these environments should be equipped with industry specific technology and tools. I plan on making this expansion a priority when I am elected to the Contra Costa County Board of Education.

I am deeply committed to making sure all students receive the opportunity for the education they are entitled to.

It is their right and it is my passion to advocate for that right.

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