Vikki Chavez
Contra Costa Board of Education Area 3


Helping ensure every child receives the high-quality education they deserve,

and have a right to, with the supports required to enable this.

  • I plan on advocating for Career Technical Education in our schools and I will support and expand this. It is mandatory for the students, as well as needed in the 21st century. Not every student wants, nor do they have the resources to to go to a four year college. Students must know this is an option. We need to expand our apprenticeship programs, and partner with businesses like the Community Colleges have done.
  • Schools need expand the focus on health and exercise. Students at an early age must learn where their food comes from and how good food they grow tastes. Early information leads to not only good health, but an early interest in nutrition. There are nursing careers, hotel and restaurant management jobs, and food service jobs that begin with a basic knowledge of health and exercise. Mental health is vastly improved with both of these.
  • The county must continue taking steps to improve mental health services, and improve the children’s safety on the school campus. For a child to thrive, this is a number one priority.

I will ensure the county stays financially sustainable by working with other board members, community leaders, and statewide advocates to ensure we adequately fund our schools to meet the needs of the students in todays world.

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